Where In Jeju Island Am I?

Jan 25, 2011 by    Posted under: Travel

The day that camp ended, I relocated from Cheju Halla College on the outskirts of town to the fabulous Yeha Guesthouse in Jeju-si. I booked a bed here on the recommendation of another teacher, and it’s been great so far. It’s perfectly situated between old and new Jeju City and, even better, is a block away from the bus terminal.

On the day camp ended, another teacher and I decided to head down to Seowgipo on the south side of the Island. There are three waterfalls there that I had read about and really wanted to see. Our recruiter Kevin, from Korea Recruiting, lives in Jeju City and took it upon himself to help us out. He could not have been more generous in getting us and our luggage to the hostel and then, out of the kindness of his heart, drove us all the way down to Seowgipo to Cheonjeyeon Waterfall.

Cheonjeyeon Waterfall is an enchanted place and it’s plain to see and feel why legends were born and mythical creatures roam here. There is a quiet in the woods around the falls that is the magical quiet of sacred space. A quiet that is laced with the presence of something bigger than ourselves. I could have sat on a rock in front of the blue, blue lagoon for hours, just being.

It turns out it is also quite magical being near the bus terminal because, not only do city buses arrive here, but so do buses to all corners of the island. In the past two days, I’ve been to the south side of the Island three times. The first two trips were on purpose and the third is whole other post (literally, look for it in the next day or two!).

The day my co-teacher and I went down to to Seowgipo to see the waterfall, we decided to wander around Seowgipo City proper. One of my favorite ways to see a new place is to just start walking. No plans, no direction. This is what we did that day and we came across this map of what we think is of Seowgipo and maybe the surrounding area.

For some reason, it cracked me up. Here I write about where I am in the world and I can’t even place myself with a map! Well, I could place myself:

but I had no idea where it was. As I’m writing this, I am realizing that this really doesn’t sound that funny, and the map isn’t looking as funny as it was the day I walked by it. You’ll have to take my word for it, this map, two days ago, was hysterical.

So, where in Jeju Island am I? I’m back at the hostel getting ready to watch a major soccer match between Korea and Japan in the common room. Maybe I’ll learn some words they don’t print in the guidebooks.

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