Stupid Siberian Wind

Jan 7, 2011 by    Posted under: Travel

This morning when I went outside, I looked at the sky and thought, “Wow, this is spectacular!” It had an eerie glow to it and everything was about 10 times brighter than normal. Thinking back on it now, it looked kind of like the sky in Florida just before a hurricane rolls in, which should have given me a clue as to what might be coming.

First came the wind. Then, the snow. It didn’t actually drop much snow but with the way the wind was whipping in every direction, it looked like a white out at times. The wind gusts were so strong and there was so much snow being blown around, climbing the stairs outside the main building was frightening.

Even though the thermometer read about 32, with the wind, in my estimation, it had to be about 0. I fully admit that I am a horrible judge of temperature and that I may be way off, but even the kids who come from mainland Korea where it can easily be 25 degrees lower than on Jeju, were freezing outside.

I knew it was going to be cold here in Korea, but I was not prepared for this biting wind. That being said, I must be getting getting used to the weather as I now find myself able to take my winter coat off when I teach and sometimes during meals. Fortunately, most of the students wear their coats inside as well, so it’s not just me.

Although one girl insists on wearing SHORTS everyday with pantyhose. I have to remember that Jeju is vacationland for them, the warmest spot in Korea. No matter how cold it is here, it’s still colder where they come from.

Me, I’ll take my Northern California fog over this stupid Siberian wind any day.

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