Rolling Papers and The Godfather

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Rolling Papers

I was walking back to the dorms with some of the other teachers (all the teachers are American) and a camp councilor (the councilors are Korean) last night after orientation and the councilor was casually describing some of the games we would be playing with the kids. She told us “You will be teaching a class using rolling papers.”  All the teachers kind of paused at the same time and of looked at one another like “did she just say what I think she said?”

One of the other teachers finally said “What are rolling papers?” The councilor, having no idea what the undercurrent of the conversation was said “It’s what we call the card game ‘memory'”. Ah. The teacher, a young guy about 25 said, under his breath, “I could teach a very different kind of class on rolling papers.”

The Godfather

Today the kids were split up into two groups for field trips. My group went to the Jeju Art Museum and the other to the movies. When we were all together again, I asked a councilor how it went at the movies. She said “It was great. We took the kids to see The Godfather.” Before I could express my horror, she went on about how the kids loved it, how funny it was and then, finally, that it was a Korean movie in English with Korean subtitles. I’m pretty sure she has no idea about the American version of The Godfather. I found out later it is actually a comedy called “The Last Godfather” and stars Harvey Keitel.

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