Road Trip- Must See Stops

Jan 19, 2009 by    Posted under: Post

As of now, my plan is to drive from Tampa to Berkeley twice- first in the moving truck with all my things then in my car taking a more leisurely and interesting route. I am really excited about the second trip and have been spending way too much time staring at maps making lists of places I just HAVE to see (New Orleans, Graceland, Santa Fe, Grand Canyon, etc.). I am looking to take I10 to New Orleans, drive up to Memphis then shoot across Oklahoma and Texas to Albuquerque on I40. From there I’m going to drive up to the Four Corners and back down to the Grand Canyon, possibly Sedona, AZ and then up the east part of California to my new home. I am looking for fun and interesting places to visit, beautiful and random sites to see and welcome any suggestions you may have!

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