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It’s been a wonderful day today. I spent it exploring Northern New Mexico!  I spent last night in Albuquerque and drove up to Santa Fe this morning. I walked around Old Town, an area of the city that’s had a lot of funky shops and restaurants. The arcitecture is really interesting- all the buildings and houses are in a  pueblo style. After having lunch in Santa Fe I drove up to Taos (about 90 minute drive). It’s known for the large number of artists that live there and is very progressive. I walked around downtown (very quaint) but was too tired to see much of anything else. I had planned to spend the night there but seeing as how I didn’t feel like exploring more than the shopping area I decided to drive towards my next stop- the four corners (where New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and Utah meet). I should have consulted a map on what kinds of roads I was going to take (I just used google maps) and so you can imagine my surprise when I found myself driving though pretty dinky roads and up to FOUR feet of snow for part of it. Granted, the roads were plowed and sanded but still. Seriously, it was a lot of snow. I didn’t realize the elevation (Taos is 7000 ft) until I was already up to 8800 feet and the temperature had dropped into the teens. It was beautiful though and I made it though some of the most desolate areas I’ve ever been in. Some of it brought me through Indian Reservations which are incredibly impoverished and quite depressing. Tomorrow I’m going up to the four corners and then on to Kanab Utah where I’m going to visit Best Friend’s Animal Sanctuary. It’s the largest no-kill shelter in the country. I am still enjoying myself out here on the road but am beginning to get a little travel weary. The time spent by myself has been a wonderful mediation and I am getting to know myself better. At the same time I’m just about ready for my own bed and looking forward to unpacking my things in California. My estimated time of arrival is the end of next week. Until then I’m going to contune to  enjoy this beautiful country of mine!

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  • Wow, I am impressed with the great pictures and stories! I feel like I was there with you and wished I could have been. I am so happy for you to be able to go to all of these great places our country has to offer. Your new house looks beautiful. What a great view! I can’t wait to go out and spend time with you there. Thats it, I am going to start a special Basha trip bank account. I can’t stay pent up on the east coast forever! I have to admit I am jealous of your trip. To be so free from daily life for a while would be a dream come true. Todd’s dad has been living with us for the past 3 weeks and needs care. He became deydrated and landed in the hospital twice. Needless to say, daily life is not what it used to be. I can’t wait to talk to you. I wish you all the best blessings for a safe ending to your wounderful journey. Give me a call once you are settled. I will be looking forward to it.

    I love you very much,

  • I found the sight! I love it! You’re amazing. I miss you so much,
    but am SO HAPPY for you! You’re like a real life Eat, Pray, Love! Explore
    your journey and relish every moment. Be open to the new possibilities.
    We think of you often. The drive to four corners sounds scary!
    God Bless,

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