Memphis, TN

Apr 3, 2009 by    Posted under: Post

So, the only reason I went up to Memphis was to visit Graceland. I mean, it’s Elvis right? It was a patriotic thing to do. Some people visit DC or their state capitol building. Me, I like the wild side of American history. And wild it was. Graceland Mansion sits fairly close to a major road and is not in the best of neighborhoods but the tour is fantastic and the decoration is just what I expected it to be. Wacky and very 1970s Elvis. You can’t visit the upstairs as it was the family’s private quarters but the audio tour takes you though the downstairs, the basement, and several outer buildings including his racquetball court, garage, trophy building, and the meditation garden where The King is buried. I also toured his jet the Lisa Marie which was decorated just as wildly as Graceland and includes 24 karat gold plated seat belt buckles. There is a compound of all things Elvis across the street from Graceland that houses the planes, car museum, restaurants, gift shops, etc. There is even a Heartbreak Hotel! After a few hours I was Elvised out and skipped the tour of his second plane and car museum but did hit the gift shops whe re I was very tempted to purchase the Elvis bobblehead but managed to resist. I though he would look very nice next to bobblehead Dwight.

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