Korean English Camp, Take 2

Mar 30, 2011 by    Posted under: Photos, Travel, Video

As all 17 of my readers know, this past January I taught at an English camp in South Korea. It was an AMAZING experience and I am happy to write that I am headed back to Jeju Island to teach at the summer camp!

I’ve written about my deep love for Korea and to have the opportunity to go back – to get paid to go back – feels almost like a dream. For years I wanted a job that would allow me to travel the world and teaching at these camps is the icing on the cake of my portable jobs (video editor and travel writer).

When I went over this winter, the only teaching experience I had with children was with dance and gymnastics. I had never been in the front of a classroom before, had no idea the level of English the kids would be, and was feeling really nervous about the fact that I was (am) a horrendous speller.

There was certainly a learning curve, but it was much easier than I expected it to be. The kids, although not always so well behaved, were amazing and so interested in learning about American pop culture, traditions, even about me and my life, that teaching them was not just text book learning. They were happy to share themselves and their lives with me  – what they liked, didn’t like, their families, school pressures, boys, food, music, movies, books, Justin Bieber and all the things that fill up young teenagers minds. There was a lot of structured by-the-book teaching but I discovered that just talking with them about things they were interested in was just as effective lessons as the fill in the blanks from the book.

So, this time I head to South Korea with even more love than last time. My feelings of connectedness to the country grew in my month stay there in January and now, I also have my love for these children, for connecting with them too and the people I meet along the way to look forward to.

You can see some photos and videos from the winter English Camp at Where in the World is Basha’s Facebook Page.

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