Jeju Island Dreaming

Jul 17, 2011 by    Posted under: Photos, Travel

This past January I spent a month on Jeju Island in South Korea teaching English at winter camp. Except for experiencing winter in Korea (better known as ‘freezing one’s ass off’), it was an amazing experience. I am VERY happy to have to opportunity to be heading back to Jeju Island to teach English at a summer camp!

Most of my friends thought I was crazy to go to Korea in the winter, but it’s such an amazing country I didn’t give the weather much thought (until I got there and froze my ass off). Jeju Island is an incredibly beautiful place and is hot and humid and nearly sub-tropical in the summer.

As it is cold and foggy here this morning in Northern California, I find myself day dreaming of Jeju’s beautiful beaches, warm sultry breezes and soft summer nights.

Here are some photos of where I’ll be for the next month. Sunshine and warmth – here I come!

And here is a photo of me on Jeju this past January. As you can see, it was seriously cold out. This time around I have my bathing suit packed, some flip flops and sunscreen.

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