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Ok, just a quick update here as it’s late and it’ s been a long day. It is the end of day two of driving my moving truck across the country and we’ve made it to San Antonio, Texas. My friend Kelly is with me, keeping me company and looking out the passenger side for oncoming traffic.  We took a small detour off the highway into downtown San Antonio so Kelly could see the Alamo (yes, it’s in the middle of downtown) and are now in our hotel and ready to call it a night.  We stopped just east of New Orleans last night and I had my first taste of real New Orleans food (yum!!) and are planning on making it into New Mexico tomorrow and Northern California sometime on Friday (yay!). It’s amazing that we are on our way now as I’ve been planning this trip for so long now. I had quite a wrench thrown into my path this last Saturday with the sudden death of my beloved cat Sam. It is such a sad time for me yet I am looking towards my new path in California and this journey across the country is helping me stay focused on the wonders ahead. Thank you all for your support and prayers for peace and safety during this whirlwind of change and cross country adventure!

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  • I am so glad to read that u and Kelly are safe. Best of luck on the rest of your trip. Enjoy the time on the road and all of your discoveries and adventures. i cant wait to read more !! Michelle B

  • Hey Basha, I finally got on the right web site. I am soooooo sorry to hear about Sam. I know how much he ment to you. My prayers are with you for comfort. Sam was a Floridian and that he will always be.

    I am glad to hear that your trip is going well and that you are getting to see so many sites. I hope you take a lot of pictures. Keep in touch.

    Love ya,

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