How To Earn Respect from Middle School Girls

Jan 5, 2011 by    Posted under: Travel

I love my kids and they, in turn, love Justin Bieber.

This is the latest gossip from the middle school scene in S. Korea: Justin Bieber is hot but short, which makes some of the taller girls very sad even as they dream about dating him. His girlfriend is too old for him – he’s 16 and she’s 18 – which is not cool. Anytime Selena Gomez’s name is said, it’s with disgust and disdain. His music, evidently, is sexy because he’s sexy and just mentioning his name brings giggles, deep sighs and a chorus of “I love him!” “I want to marry him!” and “He makes me so happy!”.

It’s all very sweet and I remember a time I felt this way about Cory Haim. So, when their English lesson turns into a conversation about Justin Bieber, I go with it. If they are so excited by him that they will willingly speak up in class and look for new words to describe their love, we all benefit.

Also, I just happened to mention that he was Canadian and not, in fact, American, as some of them thought. This bit of information visibly brought me up a notch in their rating system. Now, in addition to my lesson plans, I find myself researching Justin Bieber fun facts so I can earn some respect from my middle schoolers.

Check out a video of my class singing their hearts out to Justin Bieber’s “Baby” at the singing contest on Where In The World is Basha’s Facebook page.

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  • Basha, That is too funny! Did you ever think you would be you would be traveling overseas to learn about American pop culture! I will be sharing this story. It is so adorable! Another topic that maybe you could use to cconnect with them is wether or not they are team Jacob or team Edward! : ) Love you and can’t wait to read your next article!

  • Next comes the Twilight references. Time for some teenage vampire love, B….

  • So, I asked some of the students if they knew Twilight. It turns out they do (mostly the girls). The problem is, there is no way I could win them over with Twilight. Vampire freak me out and I don’t even like talking about them! Needless to say, I know nothing about the series, except that it’s about vampires. And now I’m going to have to sleep with my light for the next few nights.

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