Happy New Year!

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Ah, the West Coast agrees with me.  I love having seasons again – especially moderate ones. I think it’s been colder in Tampa lately than it has been here (my Tampa peeps are always welcome to come out here and thaw out!).

I haven’t been hiking lately but we live on the top of a hill (mountain in Florida terms) and I walk a few days a week which makes me at least feel like I’m getting a hike in. I’m getting used to public transportation and love that there are times that it’s easier to get around that way than to go in the car. It makes me feel very… urban. I’ve joined a few  Meetup.com groups so I’m hoping they’ll have some functions soon so that I can meet more people…

I’ve gotten my dream job qualifications but there seems to be a lot more hard work involved than in my dream. Dream qualifications: will not be a slave to a time clock, the ability to work when I want and  wherever I want. Well, I’m not a slave to a time clock, I work my own hours and I like the projects I’m working on. At the same time I work all the time. More than I have worked since going to school full time and working full time.

This year I set boundaries for work so that I don’t get burned out – I don’t work past 9 pm, I make time to walk three mornings a week and I take one day off a week or work less on other days. So far so good. Now that I’ve put my new ‘rules’ into play, I have to look for a third job. I’m going to see if I can rustle up  some private massage clients. I was hoping to not have to do massage out here but it’s the most efficient way for me to make money so, it’ll be okay. I’m hoping to get four clients a week – enough to help support me but not flare up my hands again. I’m working on my second video (I finished one!!) and writing blog posts and articles like crazy, I’ve learned how to do link exchanges,edit images for posting, am learning how to attract visitors to websites (there’s a lot to this stuff!) – I still find it funny that I’m now this computer person (geek alert!).

The company I’m working on building up with my brothers is a travel and knowledge website, so that work is interesting and has a lot of potential for, well, travel.  It’s A LOT of work. We just built another site that will promote local business in the Bay Area (my new bay area) so that process was interesting. I didn’t do any of the technical stuff – just building content – but I learned how to use Drupal which is the program most of our websites are built with. That was kind of exciting, go figure.

So my hair is really long now. It’s halfway down my back and makes me feel young again (seriously). Then I look in the mirror and the wrinkles make me feel old again.  I’m going to be 35 and I’m not married, I live with my entire family and I don’t have a steady income (although I have two steady nonpaying jobs and hopefully soon a third paying job). Then again, I’m healthy and turning 35, I get to see my family everyday and I have a pretty sweet setup (except the not getting paid yet part). I’d say I’m still ahead with the working hard/not getting paid and the work-on-my-own-time-wherever-I-want-to/love my work tally. Good news.

It’s been almost a year since I left Tampa…I feel like I’ve been here forever. So much change. At the heart of it all, I’m really happy. With each year I learn more about my self and about the world around me, my family brings me great joy and I love my work. This year I plan to get out more, work less, travel more, talk less, listen more, enjoy each moment, explore my new cities, find a nice Jewish doctor and live happily ever after. May all of your new year wishes come true too.

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