Day Four

Mar 12, 2009 by    Posted under: Post

After spending the night in San Antonio two nights ago, we high tailed it across West Texas (the longest 560 miles of the same scrub brush I’ve ever seen), sped through New Mexico and made it to Tucson AZ where we spent the night last night. We ended up getting two extra hours of driving time because of all the time zones we went through. I was doing well keeping up with what the local time was but after yesterday I am thoroughly confused! As Kelly says, we’ll know what time it is once we get back to Tampa. After yesterdays 750 miles, we have a breeze of a drive today- less than 500 miles to Los Angeles where we’ll spend the night with a friend of mine and then Friday another lighter day of driving.  California here we come!

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  • Hi Bash,

    Are you there yet?? I am sure you are. I hope you are getting things settled and that everything you had planned is working out. I was talking with Kim tonight and we were wondering how everything was going so what better way to find out? We had a nice talk, what a hoot that girl is! I can’t wait until we can all get together and have an all night chat session again, (or at least until 10:00). Looking forward to hearing more about your journey.

    Love Ya,

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