A Walk Through London’s Hyde Park

Jun 5, 2011 by    Posted under: Photos, Travel

London’s largest and most famous park is, indeed, all that it is said to be. Hyde Park is lush, green, beautifully manicured and completely user friendly.

Hyde Park is actually part of a large green space that is divided into two parks (Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens) by a lake (The Serpentine), but the entire space is usually referred to as just Hyde Park. Hyde Park is a whopping 625 acres and I spent half a day wandering through it. The Park is very inviting and visitors are welcome to walk and lounge just about anywhere they want. There are quite a few foot and bike paths that criss cross their way across the park and it makes getting across and back easy for the directionally challenged (that would be me).

In Kensington Gardens, there is a path called The Flower Walk and it is lined with some of the most beautiful flowers I’ve seen in a park. The colors were vibrant and very prettily laid out. The Flower Walk also has some incredible trees along its path. Some of them hang over the walkway making shaded arches and squirrel ambush centers. I don’t know what these white flowers are, but they looked heavy and smelled divine.

London loves its statues and memorials and Hyde Park has its share. From Peter Pan to Achilles to Princess Diana, there are enough of them to build a treasure hunt with. Here Achilles and his giant fig leaf. He stands in the Park’s southwest corner.

For more photos of Hyde Park, including baby swans, head on over to Where in the World is Basha’s Facebook Page.

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